Libraries and rooms

If you become an Alumni member you will be eligible to use UPF Barcelona School of Management's libraries, lending services and study spaces, as well as the rest of Pompeu Fabra University's campus facilities. 

UPF Barcelona School of Management

  • Resources and former students’ dissertations: In the Resource Centre you will find the dissertations of all former UPF-IDEC and UPF Barcelona School of Management’s master’s and postgraduate students, along with resources and materials related to our courses.
  • Collection of material: If you wish to take out a resource from any of the UPF campuses, you can request it to be sent to the Resource Centre for collection.
  • PCs with Wi-Fi internet connection: The Resource Centre has 3 desktop PCs and Wi-Fi connection for laptops.
  • Study rooms: Use any of the 17 computers with access to printers and the internet.

UPF Campuses