One of UPF Barcelona School of Management’s commitments is to support entrepreneurs in all of their projects and thus stimulate the creation of new businesses in the university community. In order to achieve this, Pompeu Fabra University has an innovation unit called UPF Business Shuttle: a space equipped with resources and services to help entrepreneurs successfully create a business.

The UPF Business Shuttle offers Alumni Premium members the following services (remember that in order to become a Premium member you must first register as a regular Alumni member):

  • Advice for entrepreneurs: Assistance in making your business project technically and financially viable.
  • Training sessions and events: Conferences, entrepreneur meetups, workshops and networking activities.
  • Project Funding: Support in looking for funding
  • Offices and meeting spaces: Use of the UPF Business Shuttle Incubation Spaces

Set your business idea in motion with UPF Business Shuttle’s Innovation Unit!