Professionals and students chat about marketing as they tour Barcelona on the Marketing Bus

  • Six students from the UPF Barcelona School of Management and CaixaBank's marketing director, Xavier Mas, premiered this initiative organized by the Barcelona Marketing Club

How does a marketing department create a product such as ImaginBank? Can a marketing director influence departments such R+D or Human Resources? What are the opportunities for young professionals? And the greatest risk? CaixaBank's director, Xavier Mas, spoke about all this and more with six students of Marketing and Communication at the UPF Barcelona School of Management as they toured Barcelona in the Moritz Beer minibus.
Marketing by Bus is an initiative of the Barcelona Marketing Club aimed at bringing together marketing students and professionals interested in discussing the present and future of the sector. For three hours on the Moritz minibus, Xavier Mas from CaixaBank, who knows better than anybody how it was possible to engender, develop and implement ImaginBank - a bank that only operates through mobile phone apps and social media - answered questions and talked in an open and relaxed manner with six postgraduate students from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra School of Management, who were interested in hearing his experiences and knowledge.
During the trip, the students were able to question and interact with Xavier Mas as they enjoyed a tour of Barcelona, which included a stop at the Moritz facilities for a beer. The talk was of businesses, the crisis, professional careers, sectors and gurus... They had three uninterrupted hours of pure marketing with the experience of Xavier Mas and the youthful, fresh viewpoint of the future professionals.
Being prepared for and open to change is the daily challenge for any professional. 'You have to be yourselves, always say what you think - but with prudence - and above all be faithful to yourselves', Mas recommended as he summarized the three secrets of marketing of the 21st century: 'Simplicity, good insight and emotion.