Presentation of the CEDRO Publishing Awards for the best projects from the 2015-2016 course


The director of the UPF Barcelona School of Management Master's Degree in Publishing, Javier Aparicio Maydeu, presented the Extraordinary Award for the Best Project of the Year from the Master's Degree in Publishing, sponsored by CEDRO, the association responsible for administering the copyrights and royalties of Spanish authors and publishers.

The prize, worth 1,000 euros, went to David Fontanal for his GAMER publishing project, presented as an-end-of-course project for the academic year 2015-2016. His project was a proposal to take advantage of the boom in videogames to set up a publishing company specializing in that sector. This company would publish books and collections on videogames, novels and comics and would be complemented with a digital and transmedia proposal in the form of a guide for gamers that includes a website, an app, a blog and videos, among other proposals.

A runner's up prize, worth 400 euros, was awarded for the work of Berta Lluís and Elisabeth Riera.

Elisabeth Riera proposed setting up a cult publisher named Wunderkammer specializing in literary rarities such as publishing jewels, singular texts, unknown works, books unpublished in Spanish or special editions with exceptional forewords. All published with a meticulous design and a vintage aesthetic that would convert the book into an object of cultural consumption.

Finally, Berta Lluís' project entitled FLASHFIC is based on the creation of a company dedicated to the promotion of reading in Barcelona. Its original proposal consists of publishing short stories in paper towel format for sale in bookshops, cafés, bars, restaurants, theatres, libraries and other cultural institutions. It is a proposal aimed at promoting the declaration of Barcelona as a UNESCO City of Literature.

"All the projects are required to be innovative, sustainable as businesses and feasible in market terms. Therefore, financial help and the protection of CEDRO is a valuable springboard for their professional career, as well as for the growth and development of the publishing industry itself, which benefits from their innovative talent", explained Javier Aparicio Maydeu, director of the Master's Degree in Publishing.